• Angela M Coon

Hold Me Together

“Hold me together” may very well be our prayer during this Christmas season. Not all of us have it all together. Just because it’s the season to be jolly doesn’t mean our circumstances warrant the emotion. Life happens no matter the season or holiday – bad news, loss of a loved one, hurts from friends or family, heaviness of spirit because of unresolved conflict or relationships, loss of income, continued debilitating disease, and the list goes on.

I remember the first time I heard the song “Breath of Heaven” – I wept. I felt l weighed down by heaviness of spirit, feeling overwhelmed with responsibility. Being the “strong” woman that I am, I was supposed to hold it together no matter what; but I felt like I was crumbling and holding on by a thread.

As the words and music floated through the room, it became my prayer. “Breath of heaven, hold me together, be forever near me. Breath of Heaven, Lighten my darkness, Pour over me your holiness, help me.” I prayed and envisioned God breathing on me – blowing like a wind, surrounding me with His presence, upholding me with His mighty hand and speaking into my spirit a peace and calm – “I’ve got this my child. Just lean into me”. I crumbled into His arms soaking in every ounce of comfort and strength.

So when I chose this song for one of our Christmas musicals, I knew it would minister not just to tell Mary’s story, but to speak into the lives of each one listening. Mary and Joseph hadn’t planned to travel to Bethlehem in the later months of her pregnancy. It was a long, inconvenient, dangerous journey. Unexpected and inconvenient things happen at the worst of times for us too. We don’t understand what God is doing or how He is going to get us through.

We, too, can be frightened by the load He has asked us to bear. A load much heavier than we feel qualified to carry. We feel alone in the struggle, like we’re carrying this unbearable load alone and we can’t take another step. “ Be with me now, Breath of Heaven, hold me together, be forever near me, help me.”

Like Mary, we have been called to carry His Son. Not in pregnancy but in our lives, to be united as one with Him. We’ve been called to reflect His beauty, His strength, His grace and character and the good news of His love. But it’s not always easy when life is overwhelming or out of control. God hasn’t asked us to bear this load alone but has given us His own Spirit to breathe on us, to infuse us with the wisdom and strength for each situation and season..

So as you go through this Christmas season into the new year, don’t try to go it alone. Don’t let the heaviness weigh you down, the disappoints rob you of deep joy, the loneliness close in and swallow you. Breathe in His presence and allow Him to be near you. Allow Him to breathe on you " to hold you together and be forever near you, to help you."

Have a “held together” Christmas – Angela Coon


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