• Angela M Coon

One Great Big Little Word - Joy

My One Word for 2017 is Joy. I have a feeling that I understand why God wants me to concentrate on this small yet significant word this year.

1. The Choleric personality in me tends to focus on the work before me like blinders on a horse causing me to miss some sources for joy -- gladness, laughter, happiness, delight, or deep satisfaction.

2. We have such a limited view of joy that we don’t even recognize it when it hits us over the head -- sometimes. I need to expand my understanding of joy so I can experience it’s flow more fully; be aware of it’s source and presence -- or is that presents? I suspect both. (Notice that I said “we.” For some reason I just had to include you so I felt better.

3. If we’re not recognizing or experiencing our joy we don’t have it to share with others. Joy shared is multiplied and becomes “exceeding great joy.” I think we could all use some more joy.

4. I love to celebrate and love any reason to celebrate! To share good news! To mark it’s occurrence like markers on the path of life. I journal about it. Call my friends to tell them. Share on Facebook. But I don’t think I’m celebrating the small things enough. Not giving them the importance they deserve. No being grateful enough.

5. If i’m not recognizing the joy then I’m taking it for granted and missing it’s fruit in my life. Not good. I have a feeling we all have much more joy than we recognize or experience because we’re just not aware.

I’m sure I’ll discover some other joy robbers along my path in 2017. But I hope mostly to find more sources of joy, more deeply understand it’s meaning and more adequately celebrate it’s constancy.

What is my source of joy today? Actually, it was in reading Psalm 90 as I always do on the first day of the year. It centers me on Who God is and who I am not. He is my dwelling place -- my home, where I belong and find my safety and security.

Lord, heighten my awareness of the sources of joy in my life. Help me to not take them for granted but to be grateful and to learn to creatively celebrate the joy you so graciously share with me, your child. Thank you that You are my dwelling place, “from everlasting to everlasting You are God.” Be exalted as I celebrate You today. Amen.

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