About Me


Angela Now:

I’m retired.

It doesn’t mean I don’t do anything;

It means I have time to do more of the things I love.

Be a wife, Mother of three and

Grammy of seven fabulous grandchildren.

Be with people

Cook new recipes

Be in nature and take pictures

Did I mention spend more time with my Grandchildren?


But I also love to make new friends and encourage others.

Face to Face


Small Groups in my home


While shopping or getting a manicure

Wherever life takes me.


I also love to learn and write.  It’s therapeutic.

Writing is like processing what I’ve learned

Life lessons really should be shared

So I’m writing this blog

Just to pass it on

Like hand me downs

I hope they fit.



Angela Before Retirement:

Creative Arts Pastor

Pastor’s wife – still am.

Worship Leader

Bible Teacher


Certified Personality Trainer

Powerful Choleric/Playful Sanguine Personality

ENFP – Myers-Briggs

Free to be all God has designed me to be – Uniquely His!

© 2017 by Angela M. Coon

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